About TB Capital Group


Tommy is highly motivated, analytical, strategical, positive-energized, and a HUGE real estate geek.

His journey in real estate started in 2006 when he was renovating mobile homes to make them rent ready. Since then, he has accumulated additional perspectives in real estate – design, bid, construction, and renovation. All of which give a unique advantage in his value-add strategy. He is currently focused on sourcing and repositioning multifamily assets.

If you do the bare minimum, expect bare minimum results. [If] you want to be great, work to be great.” – J.J. Watt

After graduating as an Electrical Engineer from Georgia Institute of Technology, he went on to work 12 years for a company in Fortune’s Global500 list, with revenues $20B+ per annum, 5.1M assets, and assets totaling over $40B. Through sales and product support capacities, he solved energy problems for Fortune 500 companies, such as energy management and conservation, power quality correction, energy infrastructure design to ensure LEED certification, and compliance with ASHRAE commercial energy standards.

He is personally invested in 300+ units, with assets totaling over $30M.


Through his mentors, coach, and contacts, Tommy surrounds himself with a network of seasoned real estate professionals to source and operate truly great real estate opportunities. Strong analytical skills coupled with investing fundamentals enable him to evaluate opportunities to identify high-potential investments.

On a more personal note, he is a big believer that health is true wealth, advocates for health, wellness, listening to your body, and taking care of yourself. He enjoys being outside or being in large bodies of water. He enjoys traveling the world with his bride, creating memories, and getting exposure to different cultures. 

He truly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from passive income created by real estate investing. This can transform lives by allowing investors to focus on what matters most to them.

Tommy created TB Capital Group LLC as a tool to invest in commercial real estate with family, friends, and partners to accelerate their wealth. Great investment opportunities should not just be available to the rich. He provides a service for the busy professional to take leaps and bounds in their investing journey while allowing them to perfect their craft. The mission at TB Capital Group LLC is to reduce the time horizon to financial independence. He is committed to helping others transform their lives through investing by serving as a teacher, coach, consultant, and friend.


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